When Grace Whispers Love

“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” (1)

God is actively working through me as I manage my time. He had me quiet, and still, deep in prayer and study, this week. I was so overcome by what the Spirit was teaching me pertaining to God’s Sovereign Grace. It it blew me away! As a wisp of God’s grace swept over me I was brushed by His mercy that fell over me with the most tenderest love I’ve ever known. It was incredible! I was swept off my feet…and amazed! Then I sat down and wrote about the beauty of grace in “When Grace Whispers Love.”

I began the week on a search for the meaning in life. Then I came to see how merciful God is towards me. In looking back, I recall a painful past of legalistically rules. My confusion was compounded by broken relationships that caused me so much pain. I found myself driven trying to prove myself to the world. I desperately needed grace, true grace. All those endeavors came to an end because they were driven by the carnal flesh. There is a peculiar danger in serving “self” where the focus is on “me”. It left me alone and empty! I praise God; today I’ve discovered the purest virtue of grace. The most amazing grace – vast, true and free. I’ve come to respond to the gentle whisper of grace…the softness of a Shepherd’s voice which calls me to come to Him and find such grace.

When I receive God’s grace and mercy through salvation, I saw God’s unmerited favor. It’s not about my gifts, talents or accomplishments.  It is about what Christ has accomplished for me on the cross. That speaks loud and clear to me, FREEDOM. We misunderstand grace because it is free and we do nothing – Christ has done it all! It cannot be earned by our righteousness but is extended by faith towards us through Christ-we have none except in Christ Jesus. Grace is freely given even when we are at our worst moment and totally unlovable…it’s undeserved goodness, in spite of ourselves. When we are unbecoming, grace seeks us out…Oh, the wondrous beauty of Christ’s matchless grace, bright and beautiful…a beaming reflection of God’s purest love. Jesus invites us to come as we are. He loves us for what He made us to be…HIS BELOVED! His beloved, accepted and belonging to Him!

God’s love and mercy, which is freely given, is difficult to understand. We so often hear that nothing is free. We reason, we must do something! And that thing we think we need to do, is often filled in with gaps of rules, regulations and expectations, which added to the law becomes legalistic. Along with control it can abuse free grace. Legalism pushes us to extremes which blinds and takes us further away. Let’s watch out for legalistic tactics and keep ourselves close to the Lord’s wonderful clean grace. God’s grace is marvelously free, wonderfully full of “God’s best” for us.

When success, victories, and achievements are viewed from a human perspective, glory is bestowed on us. What I have done. When seen from God’s perspective, achievements, victory, and success are gifts given to me. It is Christ’s presence in me who has accomplished His purposes for me. The glory belongs to no one except God! But then, I wonder what happens when we are given the opportunity to glorify God and forget whose glory it really is?  Is the Lord not enough that we would steal His glory and claim it for ourselves? When we put the focus on ourselves, we miss the blessing and joy that God desires to give us through Himself! Christ has purposed to work all things in us and through us only by grace. May we be careful to give God the glory that only He deserves in our lives.

The law does only a partial work in us because we are unable to fully keep it due to the fact that we fail, are weak and frail. The law cannot produce righteousness. Only Christ, who imputed His righteousness to us, can do the work God has purposed for our lives. By grace you have been saved through faith! Let’s rejoice in the freedom of God’s Sovereign grace that saved us.  When grace whispers soft words of love, we can know we are loved, accepted, and forgiven. God’s grace through faith produces completeness, wholeness and contentment. When Grace whispers love there is nothing like it. Pure undefiled and a perfect love!

Merciful God who is rich in love, and mercy, I come to You thanking You for the richness of Your grace and kindness towards me, a poor sinner. I am grateful that You saved me from the course of this world. Thank You for holding me by Your sovereign grace and not a legalistic law. Amen


1.  Ephesians 2: 8 nas

2.  Tullian Tchividjian, One Way Love

          All Scripture is taken from the nas

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2 Responses to When Grace Whispers Love

  1. GINNY MURRAY says:


  2. Christine says:

    Wow! This is so deep and really spoke to me. I love this statement…” The Lord sees past the sin’s horrible act of violation to a lost soul. His passion is to redeem lost souls”

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