A Peek into the Soul

“Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.” (1)

A person’s character reveals who they really are. Their life plan, activity and work show their temperament and natural disposition. Watch how they respond to opposition, their thoughts, words, and what is important to them and you see a glimpse of their soul – springing deep within the heart. Daily people are observing us, looking into the window of our soul to see if we live in grace. The impact is huge. Many times they are evaluating us by our actions, and by our words.

Do you know we speak 11,000,000 words a year? I’ve been troubled by how many words I’ve spoken in the past that were carelessly spoken. Perhaps unreserved, without care and caution…in haste they were spoken – recklessly blurred out. It is in those times I’ve felt the Holy Spirits convicting me showing a different way, God’s way. Words have powerful influence. Notwithstanding, refreshing words are rich and wholesome they can be pleasant, and restore the soul. In profitable ways they become useful.

This year on Mother’s Day I received a beautiful card written from a close friend. The affirmation of love expressed in written words gave me tremendous joy. These touching  words lifted my spirit and touched me deeply. Tender words bring hope and encouragement.

In contrast to gentle words are unkind words. Words that bite and wound. They flow from hatred, jealousy, envy, and bitterness. Rooted deep within the heart the destructive nature of gossip and slander is spread. Harsh, sharp, invective words meant to harm…burst out with no restrain. They are meant to pierce like a sword, painfully hurting  and cutting deep into the soul. From the perverse mouth ugly words flow. They are uncomfortably distasteful and are nonprofitable. In the book of Matthew, Jesus plainly makes a relevant point, that every careless word spoken will be accounted for and judged. (2) Let’s take up this warning to be careful not to allow any opportunity to cause us to fall into Satan’s trap with railing accusations and false utterances of untrue judgments. They can cause harm and even separate friend.

“Let the value of our words arise and shine generously as rays of God’s resplendent love shines brightly through the windows of our soul.”

There is hope for those of us who struggle with saying the right thing at the right time. When the wrong thing is spoken we can be encouraged that God is still at work in each of us…and He forgives! His lovingkindness goes before us. Our God’s kindness is what leads us to repentance. (3) My heart is rekindled when I’ve recall God’s kindness, mercy and grace to me. He pardons, and forgives calling me back to Him. God’s kindness – is gentle, tender, and sweet…surpassing my stubborn rebellion, resistance, and hard heart. God’s undeniable love reaches out to me even when I least deserve it…touching my inner soul with the deepest impressions of clean, pure, fresh love. He speaks to me gently, tenderly and graciously like no other…telling me I am His forever and will always be held in His eternal love. I am comforted by a love that covers me and won’t let me stay where I am but keeps me moving forward in grace. It gives me hope in my struggles.

Heavenly Father, I am profoundly touched by Your perfect love. I humbly ask that You would guard my lips that I may not sin with my tongue. (4) Amen.

1. Ephesians 4:29
2. Matthew 12:36-37
3. Romans 2: 4

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