God’s Grace Over Performance

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (1)

Failure can be complicating, but as complex as it is, it is a part of life. Consumed by this complexity, life sure can seem hard. We all want to succeed through life and no one wants to fail, but face it…it is difficult to admit our mistakes. Consider if you will, how failure can have some positive benefits. Think about how we are stretched, gain wisdom, mature and change. These difficult times make us reach out for a better way to live.

What do we do in the face of failure? We all have choices. Come with me and read what Benjamin Franklin says, “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” (2) But what, or who, are we to reach out to? Humbly, we can reach out to God for help, and then ask Him to give us new direction as we continue to reach out to others. That will counteract any negative reaction that could send us on a downward spiral.

In writing, I’ve learned the more practice, the more proficient it makes me. As they say, practice makes perfect. Repetition builds new neural connections in the brain. As these neural connections are growing, work improves. However, discouragement sets in at times. I’ve come to realize the most mistakes made are when instant changes are made to something I’ve previously written. It really messes things up. That’s frustrating! It is humbling to realize we are not perfect nor do we live in a perfect world. I lack the faith that God will use my material just the way it is. When it’s all said and done, my soul is  depleted, seeking God’s mercy to forgive my weaknesses and salt my work with His grace. I pray that any error would cause people to pray for me and the ministry. I appreciate your willingness to pray for my improvement so that I can remind you of God’s truths, promises and faithfulness. Perhaps this is what Franklin meant, to “continue to reach out” – you reach out to me and I reach out to you. Could it be?

Too, I’ve learned God has certain things we are to do in this life. In the struggle, if we fail along the way we can be assured God has a fixed purpose and will still use it for good. I need to always be conscious of His grace over my performance. Sometimes, in the eyes of people, it may seem like we are failing, but in the eyes of God we are doing just what we ought to be doing…and He makes our path successful. It brings us to praise His glorious name. God is the only One we need to please as we resolve to bring Him glory. Thankfully, we can see failures as stepping stones to bring us to a better place. Completeness. We become the person He has intended us to be as we walk nearer to God.

Precious Jesus, I thank You and magnify Your name for You are King, Lord, and Master, of my life. In turning to You in any failing, You will fill up what is lacking. Thank You in Your power as everything moves forward, and all glory goes to Your name. Amen.

1. Philippians 4:14 esv
2. Benjamin Franklin bhaskarreddykonda

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1 Response to God’s Grace Over Performance

  1. Cheryl Nicholson says:

    I needed this message! I do fall short, but in His grace I can still serve Him!! He supplies what I lack. His message is still sent whether written, spoken or through our actions!

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