A Golden Opportunity

“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” (1)

Pure religion is seeking a vertical relationship with God. When we know and understand the purity of God’s love we can extend our relationship horizontally and reach out to those in distress.

In God’s grand design He instructs us to give special attention to love orphans and widows. I gave me an experience to teach me how to minister to those in distress. I was pleasantly refreshed by what I saw, a beautiful display of love and commitment between a mother and daughter. It happened one particular day when I was given a special mission. I was sent to a woman, named Gloria who was dismayed caring for her mom who had Alzheimer’s. Feeling downcast and alone she needed encouragement to restore her hope.

I was greeted at the door by Gloria as I entered we walked together over to the room where her mom, lay motionless in bed. Their laid an aged woman who was surrounded by a clean and tidy room with soft green colors and yellow accents. Fluffy pillows lay on the bed with a thick silky comforter. A small doll set next to her where Gloria picked it up and played s soft tune from the doll holding it to her ear. My new friend bent over whispering in her ear, “Kim has come to visit you, should we sing “You are my Sunshine?” “You don’t want to right now? Okay!” “I love you”, and she gently kissed her forehead. Her mom responded by puckering her lips. Gloria fixed her mom’s barrette in her coarse gray hair and compassionately said, “Isn’t she beautiful? She caressed her baby-like skin, thin and delicate. Tenderly, she rubbed her index fingers back and forth over her arm saying, “She’s so soft.” Then she straightened her mom’s covers and softly said, “Mom, I am going to let you sleep, I will be back to check on you soon.”

When we left the room Gloria shared with me how grateful she was of Jesus’ constant presence in there home. She spoke of how God comforted them in their affliction. She spoke of when she called the paramedics because her mom couldn’t breathe. At the hospital she was hooked up to a life support system. The next morning a nurse met her and told her they were going to pull her mom off the life support system because she was in a non-responsive coma, but a remarkable thing happened. She continued, “When I entered the room, I stooped over and held my mom’s small frail hand. I began to sing “Jesus Loves Me” a favorite song we sang together many times in the past.” Within minutes she was singing with me. Startled by some commotion Gloria looked up and saw the nurses stand in amazement, as they watched.” Immediately they called the doctor and he changed the medical orders. Within several days her mom was released to go home.

For me it was an amazing day as I watched an outpour of love flow. I saw Gloria selfless love as she gave her mom full attention in feedings, changing, and bathing her. She demonstrated faith, patience and reliance on God supply her needs. “The Lord protects the strangers; He supports the fatherless and the widow…”(2)

I had an opportunity to be a tiny part of another’s world, where I saw God’s abounding love, His favor, and faithfulness. I saw Gloria’s trust as she has learned to be content. Freely! She was not overcome by the load of cares around her, but accepted the valuable moments measured by loving her mom. What a beautiful display of commitment! To think, I came to minister to her only to find a blessing. Golden opportunities are not a measurement of our days…they are a measurement of our deeds and commitments. They give life its meaning!

Sweet Jesus I simply ask that You would grant me a servant’s heart like Yours, meek and humble ready to help those in need. Let all that I do show Your tender love. Amen


  1. James 1:27 nas 2. Psalm 146:9 nas
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