The Steadfast Love of the Lord

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning: great is Your faithfulness.” (1)

God’s love is steadfast and never ceases. It is like no other. Bound in the heart of His love is His grace and mercy. Grace is unmerited favor to us at Christ’s expense. We misunderstand grace because it is freely given and doesn’t cost us anything. It cannot be earned by our righteousness. It is extended by faith towards us through Christ-we have none except in Christ Jesus, alone. Grace is freely given even when we misbehave, when we are at our worst and totally unlovable…it’s undeserved goodness, in spite of ourselves. When we are unbecoming, grace seeks us out.

Oh, the wondrous beauty of Christ’s matchless grace, bright and beautiful…a beaming reflection of God’s purest love.

Jesus invites us to come as we are. He loves us for what He made us to be…HIS BELOVED! His beloved, accepted and belonging to Him! When grace whispers soft words of love, we can know we are loved, accepted, and forgiven. God’s love and mercy, is freely given, and it is difficult to understand because it so unlike ours.

If we could only see through God’s merciful eyes! Our eyes can’t see nor our minds understand God’s compassions and often we respond like the world. When sin provokes us, violating our moral rightness we react by all we know to be true. We feel our foe gets what he deserves. Unlike us, God’s mercy pours out on people we think are unworthy. Humanly speaking, our code of justice spills out the worst severe punishment. Even so, God’s grace is still free to all who will receive it, even to the unlovely. God’s mercy is unlike man’s justice. It is bigger, greater, and broader.

The Lord’s aim is higher He looks deeper into the heart. God looks deep within – man looks on the outside. Man makes his judgments by what he observes. God is kinder and much more merciful than us. The Old Testament records King David response to God’s mercies after sinning, He cries out “…I am in great distress; please let me fall into the hand of the LORD, for His mercies are very great. But do not let me fall into the hand of man (1).” David saw human vengeance as harsh cruelty but he personally knew the love of a God, whose righteous mercy regulates fair chastisement. David knew God long enough to know He sees the intentions of his heart.

Sometimes the violation of sin is so great it seems no grace is big enough in our eyes to cover it. It’s too huge of a violation…way beyond us! That’s what happened to me. My personal adversity stole so many good years from me when my son was murdered. This horrible evil act was unforgivable. To think at the hands of someone else my son died and he could be the recipient of God’s goodness and grace seemed to me to be unfair. I felt he didn’t deserve grace! He should suffer as I had suffered. But then it came to me; when I sinned who was I to deserve God’s grace and mercy? The cost was high–Christ, God’s Son, Who was beaten, tortured and crucified! Not only for me but for you too! He forgave all our sins; none of us deserves His mercy…yet He forgave them, and they are new every morning. AMAZING!

The Lord sees past the horrible act of sin’s violation to a lost soul. His passion is to redeem lost souls! It is hard to understand Sovereign grace, but when we do, it liberates us, setting us free.

Heavenly Father, humbly I come and thank You for Your unfailing love and mercies unending. It renews my heart to know Your mercies are new every morning. I live and rest in Your faithfulness. How great You are. Amen


1. Lamentations 3:22, 23 esv
2 Chronicles 21:13b nas

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