The Distinctiveness of God’s Character

“The LORD is gracious and compassionate; slow to anger and rich in love.” (1)

God is like no other. He stands apart, above any other. His nature and traits are separate than ours. He shows greater compassion, mercy and grace than even the greatest man on earth. He alone is God – worthy to be praise. He is strong and mighty in power with a sustaining power that secures us while we experience personal struggles. He will never fail us.

I recall a situation when I was set in a very difficult place. Traumatized, I questioned God’s sovereignty over my life. I’d received very bad news…my son was killed in cold blooded murder. I was set on a fierce sea of fear, affliction, and perplexity, and I panicked. In desperation I cried out to the Lord in my distress because my affections and love for my son was so deep. I was shattered! How could I live without him? I wanted the pain to go away, just end! It seemed to me, the pain would last forever. How long, God? How long was my lament? The Bible reveals a story of King David who too, was in misery. “How long must I struggle in my soul at night and have sorrow in my heart during the day? How long will my enemy rise up against me?” (2) I can empathize with David’s pain.

Can anyone else relate? A despondent heart like David, and mine, and perhaps yours can finds rest without reserve on the care and mercy of God. Our own soul’s counsel is too weak, we need God’s help. I came to a place of renouncing all other hope, found in any other place, for everything failed me, except for God – Great is Thy faithfulness! This is how David saw God’s mercy. Faithful in compassion and grace! He takes this into account and reclaims God’s goodness by the end of the chapter, “I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me.” (3) Perhaps David reassured himself daily of God’s blessed favor for He knew God was with him, as He is always with us. God will never fail us. My purest testimony is; even in the darkest hour—God was extending His merciful compassions by sustaining me with His mighty power. I’ve come to understand all future events will be kept and secure in God’s sustaining power just as previously before.

The distinctiveness of God’s nature shines in His power forever; I will rest in His infinite might.

Gracious Savior, Your Word confirms that I can trust that You’ll never change. You hold every moment of my life in Your hands. Large or small every detail is important to You, and You will work for my well-being. Thank You for Your gracious sustaining power to intervene to work out your purpose now and until the end of my days. Amen.

1. Psalm 145:8 niv
2. Psalm 13:2 niv
3. Psalm 13:6 nas

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