What does it Take to Overcome?

Winter changes can bring tough challenges into our lives. I recall that year when I was hit the hardest by the bristling cold of winter…along with the chill came disaster. My life felt ruined. It was the year my son was murdered. The tumultuous event shook my world upside down. In the throes of murder I was swept underneath the gruesome psychological effects which played havoc in my mind. I was mentally and physically exhausted! I felt a need for counseling to help pull me back up if I was to survive this horrible ordeal. I set out to find a Christian Counselor who could help mend a broken heart.

With arduous labor my counselor worked with me. For me it was exhausting, toilsome and excruciating. Tears were shed, wrenching pain surfaced and my insides felt churned up most of the time. Counseling was all-consuming leaving me tired and worn out. All this toil was necessary to purge out the pain and sin inside me before the goal of freedom could be gained. By the end of many grueling sessions of counseling came restoration as God, graciously healed me! The finished results began a new season in my life. I was reassured when my therapist told me, “I was one in a thousand who had been healed.”

Months pass…I thought about her words and could only imagine how disastrous the outcome would’ve been without Jesus, my true counselor. Truly, the reality of healing humbled me, bringing me to my knees. Who am I, Lord, that You would heal me? The Lord saw how it affected me. He took into account everything and showed forth His mercy. I am thankful the pain is gone and I have recovered from such a devastating event of loss. God through grace saw fit to bring this chapter in my life to an end.

Words are not adequate to express the gratitude I hold for being given new life when the past came to an ended. You see, I was the walking dead! I had no desire to live, nor could I find any reason. YET, in God’s mercy, He breathed new life in me. What about the other nine-hundred and ninety-nine who need new life breathed in them?

Who will cry for those who are dead and empty? Have they been healed? Passionately, I write to those who are walking dead. Maybe you are one of them? My heart pours out to you with deep compassionate. Perhaps you hurt so badly that you do not know which way to turn or which way is up.  Maybe the pain is so wrenching that you just need some relief…anything to alleviate the pain. If I could carry you to the Father to receive comfort I would. I can tell you about the love of a most gracious Heavenly Father. However, I know One who is much greater than I, who can carry you to our Heavenly Father and His name is Jesus!

With my deepest empathy, I come to you and point to the only true remedy I could offer.  It is in the Person of Christ Jesus and His Father can be yours too. He is the only One who has power to heal – He wants to heal you! There is know person on earth who can understand your personal pain as He can – He Himself suffered every pain you are called to bear and was tempted in every way. “For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but [He] was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.” (1) Jesus suffered for us – you and I. This Savior endured horrendous, unfathomed pain as the perfect, pure sacrifice for our sins. Compassionately, He still suffers with you and me in our pain, even today. My question is: “Do you know Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life?” Do you understand we are all under the condemnation of sin? “There is none righteous, no not one; there is none who understands, there is none who seeks for God, they have all turned aside; they have together become unprofitable; there is none who does good, no not one…. for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (2) Without Christ we remain lost in sin.

Do you know? Do you understand your need for a Savior? Oh, if it were not for God, where would you or I be? By receiving Jesus He comes to live inside of you. Isn’t it wonderful to know He lives right here inside of you. Always there right beside you no matter what happens – no matter where you go-He is always with you! He has prepared a way. Salvation is His free gift! His grace extends to you through faith by the blood sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross –THAT is what saves you! The Father’s wrath was justified to obtain mercy through Christ’s sacrifice for the weight of all sin. Suffice it to say, Jesus was God’s gift to the world who reconciled us back to the Father. He made us new, and alive. This is life and life more abundantly! It is in Christ, whereby we live, breathe and are refreshed. Praise God His Spirit is alive! The Scriptures confirm, “That if you confess with you mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved… for whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (3) Hallelujah! Salvation is of the Lord!

Oh, believer, the age is coming upon us now when we can be united with Christ — dead to sin, alive in Him, living fruitful, happy lives in Him. Yes! We can overcome! It is His desire and longing to show you His love by demonstrating His rich mercy that is being poured out for you. How did this happen? First and foremost, He did this by offering you salvation; then by showing how He can transform your life.

When you receive Christ, the promise of the Holy Spirit’s dwells in you. He is a very real, Person and His Spirit flows in and through your life. He is ever-present in the believer! He begins an incredible work by teaching, counseling, and comforting. He is doing a work only He can do. To bring about the needs in you that need changing so you can be transformed into His image. You can be change by His redeeming power.

Christ’s love will draw you like a powerful magnet when you are at your wit’s end. Then, He moves you towards Himself, to show you His goodness amidst your sorrow and pain. The Lord longs to strengthen you by giving you the ability to live an abundant life, victoriously. You, friend have a faithful Shepherd of your soul who has walked this physical world so He CAN and DOES show you the way to go. Jesus is your example! He is genuinely concerned for your personal and private pains. Those pains you suffer today. Will you come to Him today?  He is calling you to come and be satisfied.

“For I satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul (4).”

Change is part of this world however; we can be assured though the seasonal changes we are never alone, Jesus walks beside us and He DOESN’T change. Trials can remind us of winter’s harshness — but joy comes in the morning. We have good days and bad days — through them all our chief reason in living is for the ultimate King of the universe. Who is our Lord and Savior…and who came to give us a future and a hope in HIM. In the power and grace of Jesus we can overcome. He is preeminent, above all in every season of our lives until we go home to be in the place He has prepared for us. HEAVEN!

Heavenly Father, You are so precious, we thank and adore You. We come to surrender all our burdens to you today. Lord, we pray our burdens would fade in the light of your glory. Thank You for dying on the cross for us so we could find new life in You. Today Lord we will walk in Your ways. We love You and bring our praises to You. Amen.


1. Hebrews 4: 15
2. Romans 3: 10-12, 23,
3. Romans 10: 9
4. Jeremiah 31: 25

    (All Scripture is from the nkjv)

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