Living in the Power of Christ

My friends, my heart pours out with thanksgiving for what I’m about to share. I was changed forever. I’m thankful because when I was drenched in terrible confusion over the death of my son, Michael, God met me with His presence to nurture my broken heart. Michael was murdered and I was devastated! I felt like a dropped vase cracked in a million pieces. How was I to pick up all the broken parts? I tell you the truth. I could not! I was unable, but God in His great mercy could, and did what I couldn’t do. He picked me up piece by piece and begins putting all the fracture pieces back together again. His Spirit stirred inside of me and brought me to a pivotal point in my life. I needed to make a decision that impacted choices that hinged on my future. Thankfully, I chose God.  I come to share the most important resources that anchored my heart when it was ruptured from such a huge loss.  What I’ve come away with, is that, there is wonderful victory, deliverance, healing and restoration in the power of Christ.

Beloved, as a child of God you have an available a rich inheritance of blessings. You hold a tool box full of necessary tools to utilize right before your eyes to live triumphant in Christ. But like me, you have choices to make. I’ll give you my heart and soul in pouring forth what I’ve learned, in hoping you will some how be inspired to choose Jesus.

The simplest fact that Jesus saves people is renowned. Our gracious Savior is mighty to save! This is our comfort!  Even today with the struggles you are facing at this very moment you can call on God who cares about every detail of your life. You too can live by the power of Christ right now. How?  By living in the power of Christ.

Living in the power of Christ is manifested in many ways. It begins at the start of salvation when you receive God’s forgiveness for your sins and accept Him as Lord and Savior of you life. It is after salvation that His power is infused in you by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It is seen by living in the power of the resurrection of Christ; dead to sin and alive in Him. This power is also evident in the Word of God, and in prayer, as evidence of change is apparent. With anticipation we look forward to the future coming of Christ…and find great strength of power there. This holds our hope that we will forever reign with Jesus.

I remember when I first felt God’s presence, so close to me. This was a gentle touch of His unfailing love when my need was the greatest. When we experience the love of Jesus flowing through us it is powerful. Then He lives in us and we can shine for His glory. How in tune are we with the Lord’s gentle promptings to live His way? Or to put it another way, are we daily living in the power of Christ? Do inconveniences distract you from following Him?

Dearly beloved, if we set our eyes on Jesus then the things of the world and its troubles will grow dim. God’s love becomes so clear and full and firm as He draws us into a most tender union of His love.

“O boundless love and tenderness”

Sweetly embraced close to my heart are these words as I feel the kisses of heaven so close.

I’ve learned the more I know God, that is, His nature, His attributes, and His character, the greater I know the richness of God’s love for me. It is by God’s attributes His love is revealed. On the other hand, the deeper the understanding I have of God’s high and holy standard, the more I am keenly aware too of my weakness for sin, in which I am easily swayed. I praise God for victory which is already won over sin through Jesus. Even though I am tempted by my sinful nature, by God’s power He has given me the ability to overcome sin’s temptations.

Praying in the Spirit is another way we have access to come boldly to the throne of God. The wonderful fact that God hears our prayers refreshes us with hope. Christ is the Cornerstone where we can rest our whole weight of daily cares on Him. If we have days of doubt then we pray all the more until He teaches us to trust Him more implicitly every step of the way. How good God is and how faithful He is to us! We need only to wait on His timing and trust His ways to see answers fulfilled. I’ve found on low energy days when my momentum is sluggish, that I immersed myself in much prayer. I pray for discipline in daily partaking of spiritual nourishment from the Scriptures for strength. I pray the Holy Spirit will enlighten me with His truths to know them, and for a desire and a willingness to walk in God’s ways. The sweetest touches of truths have come by these Scripture meditations, basking in the warmth of Jesus’ love. I must note: If it hadn’t been for Scripture memory at the time of Michael’s dreadful death I wouldn’t have pulled through. Those Scriptures etched on the tablets of my heart were most tender condolences when I needed a reminder of the security I have in Jesus.

God’s Word is the sweetest love letter ever. He loves us so much He’s given us the living Word, where we can be encouraged to find the same hope others have found. For example, the Apostle Paul taught sound doctrine in many letters he wrote. It is these precepts which provided security – hope through the struggles of life. By God’s Word we learn the preparatory lessons for living, dear saint. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”(1). If I could give you the world! Or anything! I would determine to tell you it is to your greatest advantage to embrace the truths of the Gospel.  The more we claim God’s promises by allowing the empowering Spirit to live through us, the greater our victories are in this life. Will you seek Jesus today?

Paul’s gentle demonstration of love is seen in various expressions of gratitude while ministering to the Philippians. His special love for them warmly poured forth from his heart as he wrote from prison to encourage them, “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.” (2). (Paul was exhorting the brethren to commit “all” to Jesus Christ. A full surrender of loving Jesus, knowing Him and adoring Him. He desired to impress on them a greater intimate relationship with Christ. They’d then would experience His resurrection power and understand more deeply what He suffered for them. Then they would see (as all of us will) Him in them, and their eyes will be opened to His glory. What a blessed hope!

Our Precious Savior is intentional about His purposes for his own children. He has a plan and reason for all His purposes in our lives. His will for us is to experience Him on a much deeper level. He uses the means of adversity to draw us to Himself. It seems we usually aren’t inclined to feel a deep sense of need for the Lord when everything is going well. We are fully satisfied. It is only when we are hungry, discontent, and in desperate need, that we cry out to God. The longing for encouragement and relief is then realized. Our needs put us at a vantage point of spiritual gain. We see our troubles work for us. They show us our weaknesses and necessary dependence on God. Where we are weak He is strong.

“Many Christians estimate difficulty in the light of their own resources, and thus they attempt very little and they always fail. All giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power and presence to be with them”.
Hudson Taylor (3)

In lowly spirits we tremble…but we need only to look on to Jesus, for strength! Be reckoned in His power and presence, O weary saint. Here victory lies! In these tender moments a door of awareness is opened, stirring our desires to want to know God more. He works with our souls aligning them with His. God uses all trials:  physical, emotional, persecutions, hardships, and opposition as a means to bear down great pressure upon us, for a greater cause…so we would turn to Him and be filled with His presence. Significance and meaning is found in loving Jesus and serving Him. Purpose is complete as we fulfill a part in God’s kingdom.

Behind every work, the Lord is winning our affections and hearts, so we will be wholeheartedly His, without compromise. He will use any worldly compromise, our sinful flesh, and Satan, to wean us from the things of this world and bring us to sole allegiance to Him. It all works for our ultimate good so we will be continually joyful. We find wonderful satisfaction in life’s endless treasures of knowing Jesus as Savior, Lord, and Maker of everything.

Dearest child of God, always remember all the benefits God has given. Then worship Him in spirit and truth. He is worthy!

“Bless the Lord, O my soul  and forget not all thy benefits; who forgives Thy iniquities; and heals all Thy diseases; who redeems Thy life from destruction; and crowns Thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; who satisfies thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”(4) 

Pray with me dearly beloved of God. Heavenly Father, I belong to You. Lead me to a glorious destiny according to Your will for my life. My health may fail and my spirit may grow weak, but truth reveals You are mine forever and I am Yours. Mold these clay feet to walk in Your path.  Take these shaky hands and move them to do your work, Your way.  Cause my frail heart to beat along with Yours and I will savor the sweetest divine love from above. May praise and adoration bring You glory all the days of my life. In Your precious name. Amen!

1. 1 Tim. 3: 16-17 (knv)
2. Philip. 3: 10 (nkjv)
4. Psm. 103: 2-5 (nkjv)

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